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Thank you for not inviting me to anything, for not wanting to share any of “your friends” (some were my friends) with me. Thank you for not returning any favors.Thank you for making me feel like I’m annoying and a bother to you.Thank you for only responding to me in monotone with only the bare minimum amount of syllables.Thank you for calling me mom, and forcing me to be one to you. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not good enough for any boy to be actually interested in. Thank you for making me feel even worse than I already am. Thank you for making this semester awful so far.

But, most importantly, thank you for finally making me realize that I can no longer allow to dictate how I feel about myself. I am much better than that, and I need to start realizing that.

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Maybe I’m scared to love, because when I love, it is never returned. Maybe I’m scared to trust, because I’ve never been put first. I’m always the one being left behind; the one who’s forced to feel it all during the night.
— B. Desvarieux  (via msndobrev)
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How the hell’d we wind up like this?

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You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.
— Ernest Hemingway (via givncvrlos)

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